About Us

Caitlin Hogan and Samantha Pirello are the proud owners of C & S Farms, located in Barnstead NH. C & S Farms specializes in the breeds Flemish Giant and Holland Lop. Over the years we have owned English Springer Spaniels, Labrador Retrievers, Saddlebred, and Morgan horses, guinea pigs, cats, fish, etc.

Prior to starting our rabbitry, we made a commitment to quality, not quantity. Our goal is to produce bunnies that not only meet the breed standards but also have excellent temperaments. C & S prides itself in responsible breeding. Our breeding pairs are chosen with confidence that they will produce the all-around best quality kits. We maintain a very clean and organized rabbitry with very healthy and happy rabbits. Each rabbit has a name and a number, each receives care specific to their individual needs. We are also registered through the American Rabbit Breeder Association (ARBA). All bunnies are handled daily and are socialized with many people, kids, and dogs. We believe this helps maintain the best dispositions.

C & S Rabbitry opened in the early spring of 2020 and it has been an amazing journey ever since. We are dedicated daily to improve in any way we can. All our rabbits come with full pedigrees as well as access to our C & S Rabbitry Family page. This is where all previous and current customers post pictures and ask questions. Take a look around our site to meet our herd, available bunnies, and upcoming litters.



"We got our bun bun Tiny in March from C & S Rabbitry. They were awesome to work with and were readily available for any questions even the crazy ones! Highly recommended C & S Rabbitry."


"C & S Rabbitry is incredibly helpful- they were in touch for a few months as they had new litters until we found the perfect bunny to add to our family. The space/Rabbitry is clean and it’s apparent that the rabbits are loved and well taken care of. We definitely recommend C & S Rabbitry!"


"I received a Flemish giant from C&S. I was very impressed by how clean the facility was and how healthy all the rabbits were. Very nice people. I would recommend them to anybody looking for a high-quality rabbit."


"Words can’t express how much we love this bunny! I’ve shared Caitlin and Sam with all my bunny-loving friends because I have been very pleased with the health of my bunny and the responsiveness of each of them."